Nu of nooit - Emma Coolen is altijd melodramatisch

4 years after the day that changed my life: the advantages of being melodramatic

Besides the fact that I quite often receive compliments on my blogs, that sometimes feed my ego more than they should (but thanks either way, Corien! 😉), people also tend to point out that from time to time, my stories can get a little bit melodramatic. A remark that is not only completely justified, but that also makes me chuckle whenever I hear it. Contrary to my dad and brother, who are as nuanced and down-to-earth as they come, I’ve loved the dramatic my for as long as I can remember. A friend once told me: ‘You could turn recalling how you hit your toe into an enthralling story if you wanted to.’

As you can imagine, writing about milestones without immediately resorting to the overly emotional is quite the challenge for someone like me. In writing the blog you are reading today, I’ve tried to take extra care in avoiding such language. I hope that you can forgive me the small amount that has found its way in through the cracks.

Now or never

Emma Coolen - Dramatisch - Now or Never tattooToday exactly four years ago, I called my parents from Stockholm. I had just turned twenty and was traveling on my own for the first time, so of course my mom wanted to hear a sign of life every other hour. ‘Mom, dad, I… I did something today’, I carefully started on the phone. ‘And I don’t think you guys are gonna like it.’

Yeah. On the 12th of November 2013 I was most definitely removed from the will and testament of my parents, if I even was still in it at that point. Feeling impulsive, I had gotten the words ‘nu eller aldrig‘, or ‘now or never’ in Swedish, tattooed on my lower arm earlier that day. After a short text on my ribs two years before, this was my first really visible tattoo, and as far as my parents were concerned, a death sentence on all the possible career paths that didn’t involve shame when talking about them at birthday parties.

A sign

‘Now or never’. That there’s no old man with a beard sitting on top of a cloud, judging who is naughty and who is nice, I’m pretty convinced of that at this point in my life. But if there is a God, in whatever shape or form, I could not have asked her for a sign in a more literal and explicit way. ‘I’d like to receive all the answer to the questions of life, now or never, please.’ Agnostic as I am, I can’t help but smile at how fast my request was granted. Two days later, I fell in love with football, as I like to describe it, and my life changed forever.

The advantages of being melodramatic

The games I got to play, the people I’ve met, the things I’ve experienced. I’ve written about them many times, so I won’t bore you with them again. As you might know, things aren’t going too smoothly in my football life right now, and at a moment like that, a milestone like this can sometimes come at the perfect time.

Emma Coolen - Tyresö FFToday, I can’t help but think about how I started the biggest adventure of my life four years ago, simply because of a bunch of coincidences. When I look at the photos of that week in Sweden, a feeling slowly starts to bubble in my chest. That dream. That one single spark, that made me decide I wanted to change my life and become a profesisonal football player, back in 2013. And in a time when motivation can be hard to find, a spark like that may be just enough to start that blazing fire again. Sometimes, being melodramatic has its advantages… 😉

Thanks for reading, talk soon! 😉

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