EK 2017 - Oranje Leewinnen - Emma Coolen Vlog

[VIDEO] #WEURO2017 in Enschede – The aftermovie!

Just when you think that the party can’t get any better than the one in Utrecht just a few weeks ago, Enschede proves you com-ple-te-ly wrong! The orange madness landed in that city yesterday, where the ‘Oranjeleeuwinnen’ (Orange Lionesses) played their #WEURO semi final match against ‘the other lionesses’. I think you may have a hunch about the end result of the game, but it can never hurt to enjoy that awesome party once more, so I made an aftermovie! Enjoy! 🙂

PS: To the English fans that celebrated with us, you guys are awesome. Please come back at any time. <3