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Why 86,400 is a magical number and dieting never works

When I threw my last pack of cigarettes in the canal and decided that I wanted to become a professional soccer player, I really got into motivational quotes for a while. You know, those ‘Yes We Can’-type of texts that you can hang above your bed, so every morning you’re reminded of the fact that your future is in your own hands, if only you want to.

For hours and hours I could search Pinterest for the most motivating words applicable to my soccer situation, words that could help me justify why I dropped out of college in pursuit of a career that is extremely hard to make a living in.

Soccer Motivation / Voetbal MotivatieWhen, at a certain moment in time, I realised that there might be more effective ways to reach the World Cup than scouring Pinterest for hours on end, I decided to leave the motivational quotes for what they were. But there are a few that have always stuck with me.

One of the quotes that I won’t forget comes from this dramatic video, and goes as follows: ‘Today, today is the only important day. There are 86,400 seconds in a day, and how you use those is critical. […] Nobody is going to talk about what you did last week.’ Even though technically an argument can be made against that last part, this quote did get me thinking.

The perfect moment is now

A lot of people wait for the perfect moment to undertake action in their life. ‘This monday I’ll quit smoking’, ‘my diet starts next week’, or ‘in 2017 I’m going to write a book’.  But why wait? If, on November 14th 2013, I had thought: ‘Well, becoming a professional soccer player sounds nice, but let me smoke like a chimney and get drunk three times a week for another two months first’, I had only increased my disadvantage.

I don’t want to portray myself as a saint here, because even today I’m often guilty of this type of procrastination. But I did suddenly realise why dieting never truly works. It’s not about ‘let me quickly eat two donuts and starting tomorrow only carrots’. Being healthy is a lifestyle, something you do day in, day out, not a matter of counting down the days until you can sin again.

Grandma is always right

Soccer Motivation / Voetbal MotivatieThe same goes for accomplishing your goals in life. Why wait with taking the first step, no matter how small it may be? The quote about 86,400 seconds does not imply you have to always, non-stop, 24/7 be working towards your future. But it does show that ‘time flies’ is not just something that grandma says when you visit her for the first time in two years.

I try to look at it like this: no matter what happens during a day, if nighttime comes and I can honestly say that in the past 24 hours I came a bit closer to achieving my goals, the day has been a success. I hope that you, dear reader, can look at your own dreams in this light as well after reading this blog. And that also for you the next 86,400 seconds will be another step in the right direction! 🙂

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