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Why some people always cry after a soccer game (regardless of the score)

If my theory is correct, I’m part of a select group of people, mainly but not exclusively women, that you could describe in two different ways. The nice, politically correct version says that our emotions ‘lie close to the surface’. You could also simply describe us as a bunch of whiners.

Not so ‘Calm after the Storm’

Let me explain. I can cry about anything. And when I say ‘anything’, I literally mean ‘anything’. Not just the really sad moments, like when Harry Potter is digging Dobby’s grave, but also during a sad item on the news about a grandma everyone forgot about or when the Netherlands wins the second place at the Eurovision Song Contest after many years of misery at that competition (true story).

Soccer for me is a particularly emotional matter of course. I’m always nervouws, I want to do extremely well, and the difference between euphoria and disaster is sometimes no more than mere seconds or a few centimeters. So, dear reader, you probably can see it coming by now, I often cry after soccer. Although ‘often’ in this context basically means ‘pretty much always’. The crazy thing is, what happens during a game or practice session doesn’t really matter all that much.

Emma FC Eindhoven cry
2015: FC Eindhoven wins the league title after a true thriller. By now you can probably guess why I was wearing those sunglasses…

The most logical reason to cry after soccer is of course when things didn’t go the way you wanted them to. Like last Saturday, when I got subbed off at half time. I sat and cried for a bit in the dressing room, because I was disappointed in how abysmal I played. But not half an hour later, when we spectacularly beat angstgegner Kontich, I also had to quickly wipe a tear away. This time out of joy.

What it comes down to is that I always have a reason to cry. Training went bad? Sorrow and misery. Crying. My parents and my best friend are in the stands during my first game in Belgium? Ecstasy. Crying.

Once the floodgates are open…

Contrary to what you might think, I do not find all of these things inherently emotional. But for some reason the tears just start to flow. And once you’ve started, you can bet your money on it happening at least once more in the following 24 hours.

But okay, after writing this I started wondering the following. Is this truly a ‘theory’, and are there people that recognise this, or am I the only one going through this? In case of the latter, please don’t judge too harshly on me after reading this text. You might make me start crying again, after all 😉

Thanks for reading, talk soon!

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